• 2017-07-12

    Patricia Field posted the MV of 「Love is Love ( MARIKO : 清水まり子 )」 to her Facebook.

  • 2017-03-14

    MARIKO "Love is Love / Love is Mom" MV released.

  • 2017-02-14

    "Love is Love / Love is Mom" released.

  • 2017-01-09

    【New Song】Reservation for "Love is Love / Love is Mom" has started. (Release on February 14, 2017)

  • 2016-12-23

    "Yukinaki-tsugaru" ranked third in the Monthly karaoke fan(November 23, 2016).

  • 2016-12-23

    Mariko's official fan site "Shimizuya” launches




Executive Producer

○Birthplace : Yamanashi, Japan
                     Ambassador of Yamanashi
○Birthday : December 5, 1970
○History : 
1994  Debut
2009  Nominated for the Singing Award by the ”Japanese Singers Association".
2014  Releases two Singles on Debut 20th Anniversary.
2015  Appointed as Ambassador of Yamanashi.
2016  Project "Shimizuya" launches.

Patricia Field

Executive Art Director, New York

Born in New York City in 1942, the legendary costume designer and stylist Patricia Field is best known for the success of her work in film and TV such as the Devil Wears Prada (2006) and Sex and the City (1998-2004). Even before her two Emmy wins and Oscar nomination in 2007, Patricia Field had her boutique in New York City and had already been playing a major role in the New York fashion, art, and culture scene for half a century since the store’s opening in 1966.

In Japan, Field had collaborated with Namie Amuro for Vidal Sassoon commercials in 2008, and has also styled a unique runway show for an American Express campaign. Patricia Field has also produced Sex and the City costume exhibition in Melbourne in 2013 and in Perth, Australia in 2014.

Patricia Field’s boutique closed in the spring of 2016. With the closing of her boutique, Field embarked on a new project titled Art / Fashion, which promotes the concept of “wearable art.” Her approach to curate fashion into art is her new innovative way of styling. Art / Fashion made its debut during Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2016.


Music Arranger, Los Angeles

Born in New York, raised in Tokyo, OoliviloO is a Los Angeles-based music producer who debuted in 2017 as the founding member of KUMONOUE (Creative Artists Label). His music is a lush palette of sound accompanied by 3D synthesizers, bouncy basslines, jazzy harmonies, and Asia-infused concepts that exploits surrealism. With his upcoming projects from KUMONOUE, OoliviloO will take you on a journey "☁above the clouds☁"

Shintaro Nakazawa

Music Producer

Born in Kofu, Yamanashi, Shintaro has started his music career led by the words of Aku Yuu, one of the most prominent hit-maker in Japan.  Currently, apart from songwriting, he works on various activities as a radio personality, MC for events and programs, etc…Shintaro’s known works include:
“White Wind (Shiroi Kaze)” - Mt. Fuji themed song
Salt Lake Olympics Theme Song for All Japan Commercial Radio
“GO TO THE TOP” - Ventforet Kofu Official Supporter’s Song
Other activities include:
Songwriting of Kofu Municipal Zenyukan Elementary School’s school song,
Inauguration as an ambassador of “Yamanashi” and “Yatsugatake Tenku”.


Sintaro Nakazawa

Music Producer



Kazuo Nakamura

Director of Nakamura Keith Haring Collection

Kaoru Yanase

Creative Director, New York

Motonobu Nakagomi

Technical Support


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